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Automation, DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery? Working on product which has impact on patients just from the Brno centre? Turning data into better healthcare?

Our tech stack

  • Frontend: JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript
  • Backend: C#, .NET 7
  • Database: MS SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Testing: Unit tests, Automation test team
  • Deployment: Kubernetes, Docker, BitBucket Pipelines
  • Cloud environment: GCP, Openstack, Microsoft Azure

Our applications are used to process large data, provide various insights, allow for their comparison, graphical presentation and eventual editing.

What is in store for you?

At LOGEX we create a hosting environment in every country that we operate in to meet the data residency requirements that our clients have. We can do this by relying on a high degree of automation throughout the continuous integration and development processes. In every country we build on our own single deployment platform on public cloud providers (Azure & GCP) or on private cloud (OpenStack). We can then write software once and deploy anywhere.

What will you do?

  • preparing and deploying applications through CI/CD pipelines to multiple clusters in different cloud providers,
  • improving existing processes through automation and optimization,
  • creating new solutions and introducing new technologies,
  • troubleshooting application, network or cloud related problems,
  • communicate with dev teams on daily basis.

Why to join us?

You can read about our benefits by scrolling down a bit and what our atmosphere is like one step earlier.

But what do the boys and girls say?

Špilberk castle in the palm of your hand, Petrov within reach. The office window view is just magical!
Everyone is open to new ideas and thoughts!
The tasks are clear, when I do them is up to me.
I'm the master of my time here.
Sportsman, bookworm or board game lover? Of course, there's something for everyone at LOGEX!
We try to keep meetings factual and brief.
It's great that everyone has their own budget for what they want to improve in.
Our company culture? I can't say it's about playing football. Though, I've been working here for a year now and it feels like I'm not even working. Pure joy.

Who are you?

We expect from you working experience with:

– Docker & Kubernetes,

– Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI\CD) tools,

– Linux and scripting (e.g. Bash, Python),

– Understanding of basic networking concepts and ability to troubleshoot network related issues.

Soft skills must have:

– Ability to work independently and take ownership of your work,

– Willingness to explore new tools and technologies to improve our processes and systems,

– Communicative level of English language (we have teams across countries).

Nice to have experience but not required:

– Terraform / Ansible


– Basic working experience with major GIT operations,

– .NET or C#,

– Experience with cloud providers (Azure/GCP or openstack).

Who will you meet at the interview?


MultiSport card

MultiSport card

After a full day of sitting, you need a good stretch.



Because coffee makes it possible and everyone likes sweet treats.

Pension contributions

Pension contributions

Retirement is still a long way off, but we need to think ahead.

Time flexibility

Time flexibility

There's a time when we all like to be in the office together, but whether you sleep in or get in early is totally up to you.

Home office

Home office

Are you expecting a parcel delivery or simply not feeling well? Stay at home!

English language lessons

English language lessons

The Dutch don't speak Czech and we don't speak Dutch, so we have to practice our English to understand each other.

5 weeks of holiday

5 weeks of holiday

Sometimes we all need to relax, some of us at the beach, others while doing extreme sports.



Education is not free, so in addition to sharing knowledge, we will pay for external training.

Game room

Game room

The best way to chill after lunch is to play foosball, pong or Kronor.

Sick days

Sick days

Are you not feeling well or do you have a headache after a party? Stay at home and relax! You have 3 sick days every year.



Calming the mind and the body in these fast-paced times is important. We have yoga classes with our own teacher every Tuesday.

How is recruitment done?

Assuming it's not just a foosball challenge, there are a few steps we'll take to see if we're a good fit and if it's a job you'll enjoy.

There will be up to 3 test phases, which may seem like a lot before you start working for us, well, on the other hand we believe it's better to try things out properly before you sign up for anything.

Are you interested in what recruitment looks like?

  • Screening


    We will first call to see if our mutual expectations are comparable.

  • Homework


    For some positions, you have to complete a task first to make sure you have it at your fingertips.

  • Interview


    What kind of recruiting would it be if there was no personal interview. You will meet potential colleagues and can soak up the atmosphere of the office.

  • Evaluation


    If you make it this far, we'll offer you a chance to be part of the team. If mutual sympathies and expectations are confirmed - welcome aboard LOGEX.

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