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The company's Shared Service Center LOGEX Solution Center s.r.o.

The name of the project is Shared Services Center, LOGEX Solution Center s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as "LOGEX SSC"). The abbreviation SSC stands for Shared Service Center, i.e. the equivalent of Centrum sdílených služeb in the Czech language

The objective of the project is to extend the Shared Service Center operated by the applicant, LOGEX Solution Center s.r.o. ("LOGEX SC" or the "Company"), for the parent company and other companies of the LOGEX Group. In the long term, it is not unlikely that services will also be provided to external customers outside the group. The implementation of the project will mainly result in the reduction of process costs and increase of efficiency within the LOGEX Group, which will lead to the increase of its competitiveness and strengthening of its market position.

The SSC services will cover activities focused in SW development and ICT technologies. The project will create about 28 new jobs in the following positions:

  • System analyst
  • Web Developer
  • DB Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Scrum Master
  • DevOps
  • SW Tester

The allocation of development-related services to a separate SSC will ensure unified, efficient and controllable procedure in the management and execution of the SW development agenda for the entire LOGEX Group and thus avoid cooperation with external suppliers of this service. Moreover, the implementation of SW development activities internally within the Group is a response to the demand of other Group units that require this shared service from one of the internal units.

The new job positions will offer employment mainly to technically trained IT/Software staff with a university degree. The project focus fully respects the rules and objectives of the ICT and shared service programme, which aims, among other things, to support the implementation of shared services projects with a significant international impact, leading to a reduction in process costs and an increase in operational efficiency.

The ambition of LOGEX SC is to expand the SSC, which will further contribute to reducing the overall costs within the LOGEX Group, contribute to increasing the efficiency of processes and their quality, which will ultimately lead to an increase in the competitiveness of the entire Group.

Model activity to be implemented within the project is to improve the access of SMEs to SSCs. Therefore, the project and its results are fully in line with the National RIS3 Strategy, respectively with the strategic objective E.2.1 - Increased use of ICT in business (p. 142 of the National RIS3 Strategy). The implementation of the project will enable the applicant group to use the shared service centre, which will result in more efficient SW development processes and thus increase of company competitiveness.

Clients of the expanded centre (other LOGEX group units) do not have and will not provide the expanded centre activities as their main business activities, since the long-term strategy of the group is to concentrate these services in the Brno branch (the subsidy applicant). The Group's other components have long focused on providing healthcare data analytics and direct customer contact.

The LOGEX Solution Center SSC s.r.o.

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