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We are LOGEX

The company was founded in 2008 by three young entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, who had already succeeded in the field of healthcare during their studies by creating financial analyzes for hospitals.

Advanced data analysis for a healthier world

Advanced data analysis for a healthier world

We use data to make medical care more financially sustainable, more accessible and to improve its quality. Comprehensive analytical models are used to identify significant contexts and thus contribute to streamlining medical care. They represent a change. We strive for a change that will be beneficial for everyone.

Office comfort, work quality

Office comfort, work quality

As children, we mostly strived to become astronauts, archaeologists or garbage collectors. Few people ever dreamt of sitting in the office. That's exactly why we wouldn't want our office to be just a factory for monitor staring and keyboard pounding. Factories are primarily about a product. We are all about people. We believe that our happines will ultimately be reflected in client satisfaction.

What we are


Work titles don't matter. We are one bunch.


We use the latest technology and are not afraid of experiments.


Each of us knows what puzzle they are part of. We run the finish line together.


We are changing the world for the better. And that's a pretty decent motivation.


9 out of 10 financial managers in Dutch hospitals have already heard about us.


In addition to being in the heart of Europe, honesty comes first for us.

What will your team be like?

We work in smaller teams, which usually consist of Developers, System Analyst and Scrum Master. We also try to keep these teams stably allocated to certain projects, thus ensuring better codebase knowledge and solution ownership support.

In terms of processes, we follow the SCRUM methodology. We have 14-day sprints, daily stand-ups and occasional retrospectives. We use Git and Bitbucket to version the code. Recently, we have also been experimenting with the use of Git submodules. We use TeamCity and Octopus to manage builds and deployments.

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How to get to us?How to get to us?

Where to find us

The Titanium building, Nové Sady 25
602 00 Brno
The Czech Republic

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