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Interview with developer Mark

People of LOGEX 3.Months.3 2024

How did Marek get into Logex thanks to his bachelor's thesis? What benefits did this unconventional path bring him, and how did he manage to combine studying with professional growth? In the interview, you will also find tips for interesting movies. Happy reading.

Mark, tell us first, how long have you been working at LOGEX?

When I subtract the collaboration on my bachelor's thesis, it's been two years already.

Your journey to LOGEX wasn't exactly standard. How did you actually first hear about us?

My friend worked at Logex, who kept nudging me to apply every time we met. But during my studies, I didn't have time for that. By the time it clicked for me at school, unfortunately, there wasn't any suitable position for a student without commercial experience. But I was offered the opportunity to collaborate on my bachelor's thesis with the prospect of a permanent job in the future. That caught my interest because the topic of the bachelor's thesis was becoming relevant to me.

So, what did collaboration with LOGEX on the bachelor's thesis look like?

First, I went through the topics that LOGEX had announced. I agreed on the chosen topic with the supervisor, and then I negotiated directly with Radim Fornusek, who advised and helped me throughout. I chose "Administration tool for user settings" as the topic. I didn't work in the Logex front-end framework because it would have been very difficult to get all the accesses, so I developed the front-end application in Angular and the backend in .NET.

Radim and I had weekly meetings, mostly online, where we discussed all the details regarding the application development. Towards the end, Radim also helped me gather information about LOGEX and why they chose this particular application as the topic.

Was Radim the only one you tried cooperation with?

In the later stage, when I already had a prototype, I collaborated with Honza Beránek and Kuba Kolařík. The tool was designed for System Analysts, so they gave me feedback. At the same time, they could describe in detail how they would use it. Logex Christmas party

Logex Christmas party

What do you see as the biggest benefit of this type of cooperation?

I learned to program much better than during my entire studies and tried what it's like to develop a larger project on my own. I also received an interesting financial reward for the project. 😊

Which university did you study at?

Applied Informatics at Masaryk University.

How did the collaboration on the bachelor's thesis evolve into a job?

After a few months of working on the bachelor's thesis, I started looking for a part-time job. At one of the meetings with Radim, I asked if Logex happened to have a position for a student like me. Then it went quite quickly, and soon I started. I didn't even have to undergo any formal interviews; it was very pleasant. At the beginning, I worked 26 hours a week, and when school got more demanding, I reduced my workload.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I really enjoy watching movies, and another big hobby of mine is music. I play the guitar, go to concerts. I also like to go to the gym or play soccer.

Can you give us a tip for a favorite movie?

My favorites are probably "Mulholland Drive," "Punch Drunk Love," "Beau travail."

If you had to say one thing that keeps you at LOGEX and what could attract more new colleagues, what would it be? The company size (65 people in the Brno branch) is absolutely ideal for me. We're a small team that knows each other, but at the same time, we use the infrastructure of a large company.

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