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People of LOGEX

Because we want you to get to know us as much as possible, we have prepared this section where you can follow what is happening at LOGEX or read regular interviews with our colleagues.


Interactive first aid course

Learn with LOGEX 16.Months.6 2024

Recently, at LOGEX, we had the opportunity to participate in an experiential first aid course led by an experienced paramedic, Marek, known online as…


Tips for travelling to Amsterdam

Learn with LOGEX 7.Months.6 2024

We are a Dutch company, and our headquarters are located in Amsterdam. Several of us regularly travel there to greet our Dutch colleagues, and we thou…



People of LOGEX 26.Months.4 2024

Discover the Flavors of Coffee with Us☕️! Join us on an aromatic journey through our recent cupping session at Logex! This unique event was not only…


Interview with developer Mark

People of LOGEX 3.Months.3 2024

How did Marek get into Logex thanks to his bachelor's thesis? What benefits did this unconventional path bring him, and how did he manage to combine s…


Interview with Scrum Master Anežka

People of LOGEX 13.Months.2 2024

What is the role of a Scrum Master at Logex? What was Anezka's journey to this position, and how does she perceive her position in a male-dominated te…

školení facilitace 2024


Learn with LOGEX 12.Months.1 2024

To ensure success in a company/family/relationship, everyone must first learn to communicate together. And with this motto, we've decided to kick off…


Christmas Party - Colorful Celebration Full of Joy

LOGEX Brno Life 12.Months.1 2024

The Christmas party is back! And we've thrown ourselves into it in a big way. What was the theme, dress code and program of the night? Check out the a…

DevOps team discovers wine culture of South Moravia

LOGEX Brno Life 23.Months.5 2023

Wine team building in the heart of South Moravia. That is how DevOps, Infrastructure and Security team was enjoying the time together in the Czech Rep…

Student Fair of SPP

LOGEX Brno Life 4.Months.5 2023

Who says that the student fair is boring? We at Logex definitely don't think so! Just like in previous years, we participated in the Student Fair of S…


Our ALFONZ breakfast. Have you met Alfonz?

LOGEX Brno Life 4.Months.3 2023

Recently, we had the opportunity to host another instance of the highly favoured ALFONZ breakfast in the office. Who is this Alfonz, you might ask, an…

Interview with our DBA Pepa

People of LOGEX 16.Months.2 2023

Our IT team has unique personalities, lifestyles and hobbies. That's why we decided to chat with Pepa, Database Administrator, to find out what he lik…

Legendary Christmas party

LOGEX Brno Life 3.Months.1 2023

The Christmas party is back after a long wait! And we've thrown ourselves into it in a big way. What was the theme, dress code and program of the nigh…

Students Job Challenge 2022

LOGEX Brno Life 18.Months.10 2022

LOGEX at student fair JobChallenge! Why were the students looking for a skeletons and vibration game? What was the process of attending a trade show l…

Summer teambuilding

People of LOGEX 29.Months.8 2022

The year has come and gone and we have another LOGEX summer teambuilding event behind us. Where did we organize it this year, how did we as a whole Br…

LOGEX on bike & wine trip

LOGEX Brno Life 8.Months.7 2022

The combination of hiking, biking and discovering the wine culture in South Moravia is a guaranteed combination for success, so we decided to stick to…

Interview with backend developer Vojta

People of LOGEX 29.Months.5 2022

Vojta works in a team called Codman. Who knows Codman? What's Vojta's craziest travel story? And how does he manage to keep his work-life balance at 1…

Healthy Day

LOGEX Brno Life 9.Months.4 2022

We celebrated the arrival of spring with our first Health Day. The main motive was to start and motivate ourselves to move, so we did not spend one da…

Interview with our HR Martina

People of LOGEX 5.Months.3 2022

Are you also interested in what HR does? What does her job entail? You'll be surprised to know that she doesn't just do popular payroll, but our HR sp…

Interview with Systems Analyst Kuba

People of LOGEX 8.Months.1 2022

What is the job of a Systems analyst? And how does one manage a family with young children and IT development? What is Kuba's favourite thing to do in…


Interview with Database developer Oskar

People of LOGEX 2.Months.11 2021

Why does Oskar say he works "down in the basement"? What is he actually doing with the data? And does development, dog agility, downhill and his own e…

How to become Frontend developer

Learn with LOGEX 25.Months.10 2021

Have you ever thought that you would like to create your own website or develop web applications? Then you've come to the right place and the followin…

Interview with our Frontend developer Šimon

People of LOGEX 7.Months.9 2021

What led Šimon to programming and how did he become a mentor in the IT academy during his university studies? What is he currently working on, what do…

Summer Party 2021

LOGEX Brno Life 10.Months.8 2021

We really enjoyed this year's Summer Party. The weather was perfect, the turnout was great and the program was amazing. And how exactly did we spend o…

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